Flood Resources: I’m Flooded Now What?

Flooding can be a devastating event especially when it is unplanned.  Here are some helpful resources to review.  These are qualified professional contacts come from business networking groups who have been in business for many years and have served many of my clients.

Read FIRSTSt Bernard Parish recommended recovery steps after disaster

Recovery: Getting Stable

  1. MoverAllen Beaulieu, cell 832-423-8697 Site Store furniture and belongings.  Sometimes offer discounted/free storage for those affected
  2. Auto Sales: David Capin, cell 713-995-2627 Site Provides cars, any make or model.
  3. Insurance: Jeff Tallas, work 713-271-2000 Site Provides clarity on the claims process.  Open to working with any non-agency members as well.
  4. Lender: Steve Newmyer, cell 713-964-2799 Site Options for handling my current mortgage, can I do forebearance?

Restoration-Personal: Moving Forward

  1. ArchitectAlexander Ridgway, cell 713 805-3367 Site Determine best course of action from a structural/architectural perspective.  Understands flood zones/FEMA restrictions for rebuilding properties in
  2. Remediation/RestorationMichael Travis 832-900-5555 Site
  3. RemodelingAdam Bakir work 713-532-2526 Site Other options are flood proofing and foundation raising.
  4. Auto Repair: Jay Meir, cell 713-864-6868 Site
  5. Organization/Clean outSusie Murray, cell 281-300-1191.
  6. Light Construction/Handyman: Simon Lee, cell 832-372-0244, Site
  7. HVAC: Steve Lyons, work 713-466-7426 Site Verify your submerged unit will work and not corrode.
  8. Chiropractic Care: Dr Sue Bradshaw work 713-337-2117 Site High stress can place your body out of alignment and compromise your health.
  9. Massage: Zalla Otten work 281-974-2823 Site
  10. Electrician: Todd Woodruff work 713-823-1994 Site

    Some Tips on Electrical Safety

Restoration-Business: Moving Forward

  1. Payroll: Leah DiCesare, cell 210-336-7724 Site Keep your employees current and paid during the catastrophe.
  2. Signage: Michael Heath, cell 832-545-5567 Site Electronic signage should be replace when submerged in water.  Electronic parts corrode over time and can cause a fire.
  3. Promotional: Mickey Blake, work 713-462-6000. Re-start your marketing with materials to re-engage your industry.
  4. Commercial: Sam Chang cell 713-386-1070 Site Tenants understand your responsibilities if your rental has flooded. Landlords understand your commitments under the lease.
  5. Marketing & Site Design: Timothy Black, cell 713-480-1905 Site Re-engage your audience, website and social media updates to keep your clients informed and lead generation for obtaining new clients.

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